The castle that Galloran (the Blind King) was in charge of. It is said to be a massive stone complex, that is abandoned.


It had sagging walls topped with crumbling battlements, which had collapsed entirely in some places. Only two towers remained standing, one of which was crooked, damaged, and looked about ready to fall over. Jumbled heaps of stone and rotted beams marked where other structures had already fallen. Jason thought the castle looked like a good place for theives or vagabonds.


A gravel path leads to a corroded, raised drawbridge with a small door in the center. A plank leads across a shallow, dry moat.


Weeds thrived between cracks of uneven paving stones.

Main RoomEdit

The sturdiest room in the whole castle, and where the King sat on his battered throne, which was on top of a moldering dais. It had a great hall in it. Also, birds roosted in the rafters, leaving white streaks of droppings on the floor and trestle tables.


Spiraled steps led to this room, which is the highest in the tower. The stairs then stopped at a heavy door bound in iron. The room had clean furnishings and a canopied bed. It had a couple of cushioned chairs, as well.