Displacer hand

A Displacer is a Wizardborn race that have the ability to separate their body parts and place them back together to some extent. While they can seperate and relink their body parts, they can also attach them onto other humans or even animals; if this is the case, both the displacer and the new host are able to use the body part as their own, such as being able to see from an eye. Galloran accepted displacer eyes from the emperor for "those moments when I need to see in order to kill". This allows Maldor to keep tabs on his spies and enemies alike. He often replaces body parts with his enemies to force them to not continue fighting him, or learning about vital information. If it appears similar to their other body part, it can be nearly impossible to tell them apart from the original part. If the body part is found, it can be poisoned, which would mean the displacer must disconnect from the body part or risk death. They look just like humans and therefore are difficult to distinguish. According to Malar, displacers age more slowly than other men and have hardier constitutions. All displacers except for two (Ferrin, an ally of Jason, and Malar, a keeper of the Word) are servants of Maldor.