Harthenham is a castle controlled by Duke Conrad under the auspices of Maldor.

The infamous castle is also known as the "Eternal Feast" due to the stays of those invited continuing indefinitely. While the Eternal Feast offers luxurious living conditions and other perks, the main draw is the food from which the nickname was derived. Only the most elite of Maldor's enemies are sent invitations to Harthenham, which, if accepted, pardon the recipient and allow them to live out their days in luxury. Most who accept claim that they will return to fight Maldor after a brief rest, but almost none have.

Jason Walker accepted an invitation to Harthenham to find a man named Kimp. Once he had the information he needed from Kimp, he tried to leave, an unprecedented move. Duke Conrad informed him that that was not permitted. When Jason insisted, Conrad challenged him to a duel. Jason stipulated that the duel must be fought with billiard balls, and, being a baseball pitcher, he won the duel but spared Conrad's life. He then left, along with Drake, Tark, and Tristan. They were pursued from Harthenham by men on horses and a pack of dogs. Tristan was killed by the dogs, but Drake and Tark managed to escape, while Jason was captured by another group of Maldor's forces approaching from another direction.