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The Maumet is one of the creatures created by the wizard Zokar. It can change into any material it touches. It was destroyed by Jason when it touched Orantium. It guards the Celestine Library.

Personality Edit

Despite being a failed copy of the Torivors, The Maumet cannot think as advanced as the lurkers do, but The Maumet does however posses a little curiosity as shown when it turns to new materials around him. the maumet also possese a bit of intellegence, as shown when fighting Jasher it transformed into the toughest material available.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Maumet has the ability to shift into any substance that it touches. It can change into wood, iron, even torivoran steel. It uses this ability to guard the Celestine Library.  It was destroyed by being tricked into changing to orantium.


  • The Maumet is very curious. It will change into any new material that it encounters.
  • When a limb is chopped off, the Maumet can shift mass from elsewhere on his body to regrow the limb.

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