"The overall effect was that of a fancy museum. Except that the immense structure stood in the middle of the forest without a discernible road or path to grant access."

The Repository of Learning was The place where the Loremaster lives and works.

It is a huge building that is constructed entirely of speckled granite. A frieze depicting men at war surrounded the top of the building-foot soliders armed with spears and shields confronted armored warriors in chariots. Windowless walls of snugly joined blocks hid behind numerous grooved columns. A series of broad stone steps flanked by massive stone figures granted access to a brass door recessed in an arched alcove.

The Repository had many rooms. Some of the most notable follow.

Contemplation ChamberEdit

The Contemplation Chamber had giant masks decorating the walls, each a bronze human face with one eye closed, the other open. The Loremaster explained to Jason that this is because one eye is open to all truth, the other closed to all deception. A detailed mural of thousands of interlocking hands covered the ceiling. Illumination came from a dozen candles in the iron chandelier and a few oil lamps spaced about the room.