Tark was a musician of the Giddy Nine, and later joined Jason and the rebellion against Maldor. Before joining Jason, he went through a stage deep depression, thinking he should have died along with the rest of the Giddy Nine. After talking with Jason, Tark was convinced he was the hero the Giddy Nine meant to summon, and went out to oppose Maldor. He eventually accepted an invitation to Harthenham, but busted out with Jason, Drake, and Tristan (who died escaping). Afterwards, he became more loyal than ever to Jason after he convinced him to leave Harthenham, and for encouraging him to try harder. When Jason returned to the Beyond, Tark summoned him back with his music, and when the two separated at Mianamon, Jason told him to protect Rachel, which he did to the best of his abilities. When it was discovered that Felrook stood atop Mount Allowat, Tark figure out what his purpose was in the prophecy and sought to fulfill it. He, along with Ferrin, sacrificed his life to detonate the vein of orantium that would destroy Felrook.

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