The Life I Have Known and Other Stories is a book attributed to Author Unknown. It contains the poems "Conversations with an Osprey", "Mysteries of the Deep", and "Last Wishes of a Bumblebee," as well as many others. When Jason flipped to a random page, it read:

“How will you teach your children to fly?” I inquired of the mother. “I do not see how you could ever coax them into the air.”

“You do not understand because you are a man. Teaching a bird to fly is similar to teaching a man to swim. Can you swim?”


“Were you frightened when you learned? Frightened you would sink?”


“So it is with teaching birds to fly. Except we fly better than you can swim. The air is our element. We are as clumsy walking on land as you are swimming in water.”

On the inside of the back page, a single word was written, and it was: Moondial.

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